Additive Days in Sofia Tech Park


tochka & tochka take part in pop up exhibition and shop in Additive Days - Sofia Tech Park 3-6.10.2018. We present "Fingerprint" cups and vase "I love Vitosha".
Additive Days is a new four-day show organized by B2N and partners. The event is focused on the fast-growing sector of additive manufacturing technologies and their multifaceted applications in sectors like medicine, industrial design, education and many more.

Cup & saucer set of 2.

Cup & saucer set of 2.
For the moments we enjoy but also share with an amusing friend or someone dearly loved. For the moments when lost in thoughts we take a few minutes off to respite and savour the bitter-sweet taste and aroma of tea or coffee. For the moments of delight, when we caress fine and exquisite ceramic surfaces. Design by Rada Dicheva. 2018